The Invasion of Innovation


The Invasion of Innovation program was a contribution of Xtrategy Center in times of uncertainty for business persons, executives, entrepreneurs and public sector officials. 

In our four sessions we talked with our guests about the innovation ecosystems of Silicon Valley, Israel and Colombia, reflected upon their success, and opened their minds to an ocean of opportunities.  If you missed the sessions or would like to enjoy them again, please click here

The four sessions of the Invasion of Innovation program consisted of the following topics:

  1. In the first webinar, also available on El Locutorio podcasts at, we started with an interview with Ignacio Gaitán, director of iNNpulsa Colombia. We talked about the various actors of the innovation ecosystem in Colombia, the innovation strategy in the country, the education system, risk and humility of the leaders.
  2. In the second webinar, we talked about global innovation ecosystems and introduced those of Silicon Valley and Israel. In a conversation with our director, Pablo Uribe, our guests Ryan Fain and Nick Sramek talked about the key components and actors of these ecosystems, their formation and the impacts of culture on their success.
  3. In the third webinar, we had Purnima Kochikar, Director of Google Play, Apps & Games at Google and Jitendra Kavathekar, Board Member of the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and Founder of H3VC. In this enriching conversation we discussed how the Silicon Valley ecosystem works and the impact of COVID-19 on its dynamics, its key players and the new opportunities that are emerging.
  4. In our last webinar of the series, our director Pablo Uribe, talked with Michel Abadi, Founder of Maverick Ventures Israel and Eduardo Zlotnik, Director and investor of Taranis. We discussed Israel’s ecosystem, the alignment of its players, its cultural elements and all that our guests are doing in the development of cutting-edge technology.

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