Business and Investment

Xtrategy works as a team with its clients to formulate and implement their commercial and operational strategies. We help them develop internal capacities for the market, based on the architecture and culture of the organization.

The differentiating advantage of Xtrategy is that we not only work with our clients to help define a winning solution to strengthen their organizational capacity, but we also closely monitor their implementation and help them come true.

Our clients include large corporations, medium-sized companies, family businesses, State-owned companies, State agencies, business associations and multilateral organizations.

Their high level of communication and their work culture allow them to cooperate as a specialized community that produces honey and enrich the world.

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We support the transformation of our clients and the construction of their organizational capabilities, to generate tangible results. We design and implement projects to improve business strategy, corporate governance, commercial excellence, architecture and culture of the organization.

We provide advice to foreign investors about the selection of the destination market or operation of their investment, and to public or private entities seeking to attract foreign capital to the host State.

Our services include:

At Xtrategy, we act as a liaison and help clients build relationships with diplomatic delegations, government entities and the private sector, among others.

Our approach, allows us to be your ally firm in corporate affairs, as we bring extensive experience in: