Arbitration and International Law

The uniqueness of Xtrategy lies in its high level of specialization and its extensive experience in arbitration and international law, combined with price competitiveness and flexibility, given its character as a boutique firm in international arbitration.

This experience includes representing sovereign States and private clients in different arbitrations, negotiating investment treaties, creating programs to strengthen the prevention and defense of the State against investment arbitration claims, and advising on public international law.

Our Arbitration and International Law practice is led by José Antonio Rivas, SJD, and specializes in international investment arbitration, international commercial arbitration, and public international law.

With his keen hearing and powerful vision
able to observe all angles,
even directly behind you,
the owl symbolizes wisdom,
vision and justice.

A number of elements are necessary for international lawyers to achieve favorable results in investment arbitration. These elements include: experience in the different stages of arbitration, skill in writing memorials, skill in conducting interrogations and cross-examinations, and specialized knowledge of public international law, investment treaties, the ICSID Convention and the applicable arbitration rules.

Likewise, it is essential to be sensitive to the regulatory powers of the State that the dispute may involve. At Xtrategy, we are convinced that it is also essential to know how to work as a team with the client to, identify the weaknesses and strengths of the case and create a strategic vision and perspective of victory. Our services include:

Several ingredients are necessary to achieve favorable results in international commercial arbitration. International lawyers must have experience in arbitration in the relevant industry (e.g., in cases involving energy and hydrocarbons, road infrastructure, or environmentally sensitive projects) and in the different stages arbitration. Successful international lawyers must possess skills in writing memorials, skills to conduct interrogations and cross-examinations, and knowledge of the applicable institutional rules, such as ICC, UNCITRAL, AAA, ICDR or others.

Xtrategy possesses the necessary skills to achieve success for our clients. Likewise, we believe that teamwork with the client is essential and we will work with you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the case and, create a strategic vision and perspective of victory. Our services include:

Our services are based on the experience we have advising States, international organizations and private clients on matters of public international law.

In addition to leadership in investment treaty negotiations, our experience also includes working with international organizations to help draft model treaty language that strikes a balance between investment protection, the State’s right to regulate, and corporate responsibility standards regarding labor and the environment. Our services include:

Xtrategy’s Business, Investment and Human Rights practice relies on the experience of our team
members on matters of investment treaty arbitration and human rights, including:

Our services include: