Camila Erazo Gonzalez

Junior Consultant

Camila Erazo Gonzalez is an attorney in business and investment practice at Xtrategy.

She is a graduated from Universidad del Rosario with emphasis in Private Law. During her law degree, Camila was beneficiary of a full scholarship in honour to her academic merit.

She participated in different research groups at Universidad del Rosario where she also worked as an assistant to renowned professors, who are influential in the legal field in Colombia.

Camila started her professional experience at the Colombian Space Agency, where she worked as a project leader in order to foster the economic growth of the region through satellite technology. Afterwards, she served as an intern at the Colombian Delegation to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) with headquarters in Paris, France. During her internship, she researched the global relationships which underpin development cooperation, analyzing the main geographic and economic sectors for attracting Foreign Direct Investment.

Junior Consultant

> Foreign direct investment
> Internationalization Strategies
> Business development
> Corporate Affairs and PR
> Corporate / Commercial and Innovation Missions

+57 302 242 2067

> Bogota D.C

> Lawyer. Universidad del Rosario
> Diploma in International Contracting. Bogotá Chamber of Commerce
> Diploma in Customs Legislation. Politécnico de Colombia